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Bedwetting Self-Assessment

Our Online Bedwetting Questionnaire is not currently available as it is being redeveloped.

Before beginning night toilet training with a bedwetting alarm, please read through our quick, one page self assessment. This is important to make sure that a bedwetting alarm is the appropriate tool for helping your child to overcome bedwetting.

Open one page self assessment

Before beginning, it is important to rule out constipation as a factor in your child's bedwetting. There is a significant correlation between constipation and bedwetting, so if you assess that it could it could be a factor, please allow at least 3 months after it has been resolved before starting to use the bedwetting alarm. Please refer to the checklist on the page Could constipation be the cause of your child's bedwetting.

It may also be helpful to do a week long trial without diapers to record the pattern of wetting as this can indicate a number of relevant causes for the bedwetting. "You could also make a record of bladder volume to assess whether there is an issue with bladder function. instructions for this are found in the Night Toilet Training Guide

If you have any questions please email us at info@dri-sleeper.com.